ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット

The Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet


サックス界の革命児、平野公崇が満を持して結成したサックス四重奏団。グループ名は武満徹の作品『一柳慧のためのブルー・オーロラ』に由来する。パリ国立高等音楽院卒業後、現代作品と即興のみで構成された異色のアルバム「ミレニアム」(2000年)で鮮烈な日本デビューを果たし、以後様々な企画のプロデュースで各方面の注目を集めてきた平野公崇。ソロ活動を中心に演奏活動を行う中、同じ楽器同士の響きに次第に魅力を感じ始めた平野がカルテット結成を実現するにあたりメンバーとして集まったのは、それぞれ個性と才能を認められ、また同じ音楽的志向を分かち合える仲間でもあった。2011年、デビューCD「ファースト・ブルー」をリリース。同年秋に行ったCDリリース記念ツアーはセンセーショナルな成功を収め、これまでに計3枚のCDがリリースされている。2015、16年、18年には、フランスの最高峰「ハバネラ サクソフォンカルテット」と鮮烈なコラボレーション・プロジェクトを成功させ話題となった。


Discography:        The First Blue    OVCC-00092  オクタヴィアレコード

                                 和楽     OVCC-00117  オクタヴィアレコード

                                 Blue Bach    OVCC-00098  オクタヴィアレコード

The Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet is a creation of Masataka Hirano, one of the innovators of the music for saxophone. The name of this quartet was chosen to be a reference to Takemitsu Toru`s work “Blue Aurora for Toshi Ichiyanagi”. Young Masataka Hirano made his debut soon after graduation from the Conservatoire de Paris. His first release, a mini-album called “Millennium” was released in the year 2000. It is a distinctive work, a fusion of new sounds and improvisation. In the following years, his creativity has kept giving birth to many other releases, all of them acclaimed by the international music community. It was during his solo career that Masataka Hirano had the chance to encounter other amazing fellow saxophonists. They shared his same musical vision, but each one of them had a distinctive personality and talent. It is together with these three new comrades, Masanori Oshi, Jun Nishimoto and Takuya Tanaka that he formed the Blue Aurora Quartet. Their debut cd “First Blue” was released in 2011. The tour for the release of this first album was a great success, and until today they have published three CDs. Since September 2016, Makoto Hondo has joined the formation as baritone saxophone. The Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet was formed by the “revolutionary of the saxophone universe”, Masataka Hirano. His co-founders are three great solo saxophonists who share his musical vision: Masanori Oshi, Jun Nishimoto and Takuya Tanaka. Their debut release as a quartet was published in 2011, and titled “First Blue”. Since then, The Blue Aurora Quartet has released two other albums. “Blue Bach”, a compilation of Bach`s pieces, was released just one year after their debut in 2012, and their newest work, “Wagaku”, came out in September 2015. The recipe of their music is classical music seasoned with Jazz sounds and improvisation. Since their formation, their varied selection of pieces has amazed an increasing number of listeners. In September 2016, Makoto Hondo has joined the formation as baritone. Masataka Hirano – Soprano Saxophone From pure classical music, to jazz and improvisation, Masataka Hirano is a gifted saxophonist who can move across genres. After graduation from Tokyo University of the Arts, he studied at the Conservatoire de Paris. He excelled in the J.M. LONDEIX International Saxophone (JMLISC) Competition and was the first Japanese competitor to win the first prize. He works as a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Elisabeth University of Music, Toho College of Music and Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. He also is a fulltime teacher at the European University of Saxophone and Habanera Saxophone Academy. Takuya Tanaka – Alto Saxophone Takuya Tanaka has been playing saxophone since the age of 5. He is the first prize winners of the 25th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition`s Saxophone division, and the recipient of two special awards: The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Award and Tokyo Governor`s Award. Again, he was awarded with the JASSO Students of the Year Scholarship and the Tokyo University of the Arts Scholarship. Among his mentors were Masataka Hirano for saxophone, Kinichi Nakamura for chamber music, Sachikazu Hayashida and many others. He had been teaching at the Metropolitan Senior High School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Classical Music; and Tokyo University of the Arts. Now he is a lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. Jun Nishimoto – Tenor Saxophone Jun Nishimoto studied at Osaka College of Music`s Instrumental Music Department. After graduation he continued his studies at the same University, in the Wind, String and Percussion Instruments Research Room. He is the recipient of the first prize at the Nonaka Saxophone Concert, classical music section. He also won the 8th edition of the Matsukata Hall competition, and obtained its Special Recognition Award. In 2006 he received the Sakai Tokitada Music Award of the Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, he is concert master of the Japan Wind Ensemble, and a successful professor. He is temporary associate professor at Osaka College of Music and lecturer at Soai University and at Mukogawa Women`s University. Makoto Hondo– Baritone Saxophone Makoto Hondo is a former student of Tokyo University of arts and the Conservatoire de Paris. During his master degree at the Conservatoire de Paris, he was admitted to Amsterdam University of the Arts as an exchange student, where he further improved his skills. As a soloist, he ranked first at the International Saxophone Competition in Slovenia, the Adolphe Sax International Competition in France and Andorra International Saxophone Competition. Later, in 2017, he won the 34th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition (Saxophone division), and he received its special awards. You’d better keep an eye on this saxophonist!

In addition, they are bilingual : native in Japanese and conversational in English, French.


ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット フィリアホール特別コンサート

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【出演】ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット
バリトン・サクソフォン:本堂 誠


ボロディン:弦楽四重奏曲 第2番 ニ長調より 第3楽章:夜想曲
アイルランド民謡:The last rose of summer  ほか予定


ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット ~サックスは、遂にここまで来た!~

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ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット


平均律クラヴィーア曲集 第2巻 第1番 より(J.S.バッハ/平野公崇 編曲)
G線上のアリア(J.S.バッハ/平野公崇 編曲)
「四季」作品37 より(チャイコフスキー/平野公崇 編曲)
ピアノ・ソナタ第14番「月光」(ベートーヴェン/久保田麻里 編曲)
津軽じょんがら節(日本民謡/田中拓也、平野公崇 編曲)
てぃんさぐぬ花(沖縄民謡/平野公崇 編曲)


Toshi伝説 一柳慧芸術監督就任20周年記念 エクストリームLOVE

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    2021年3月20日(土・祝)13:00開演 Classical

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一柳慧芸術監督就任20周年記念  Toshi伝説  エクストリームLOVE

13:00開演 Classical





ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテットほか



ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット

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    武蔵野市民文化会館 大ホール

J.S.バッハ/平野公崇 編: 平均律クラヴィーア曲集 第2巻 第1番 BWV870 より プレリュード
ジャン=バティスト・サンジュレー:サクソフォン四重奏曲第1番 Op.53
L.v.ベートーヴェン/久保田麻里 編:ピアノ・ソナタ第14番 嬰ハ短調 Op.27-2「月光」
日本民謡/田中拓也、平野公崇 編:津軽じょんがら節
沖縄民謡/平野公崇 編:てぃんさぐぬ花
G.ホルスト/久保田麻里、平野公崇 編:日本組曲 作品33

出演 ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット

一般2,000円 友の会1,500円




ハバネラ サクソフォン・カルテット& ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット 八重奏コンサート "アカデミーHABANERA in JAPAN2020"

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    2020年10月24日(土)18:00開演 公演中止!

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新型コロナウイルス感染症の全世界的な拡大による入国制限で、ハバネラ サクソフォン・カルテットの来日ができなくなり、ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテットとの公演は中止となりました。

◆10/24(土)フィリアホール 詳しくはこちらをクリック

◆10/25(日) 東海地区

◆10/26(月) 東京都内

ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット オトナの寄り道vol.1

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    2019年9月20日(金) 19:30開演

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ヘンデル/歌劇「リナルド」より“わたしを泣かせて下さい” HWV7b ヘ長調

チケット 全席指定  一般 3,000円  / 北区民 2,700円 / 学生(25歳以下) 1,500円

主催・問い合わせ  (公財)北区文化振興財団 TEL 03-5390-1221



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ブルーオーロラ サクソフォン・カルテット

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    木のホール 神奈川県立音楽堂