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Christopher Hardy & Shoko Araya Percussion Duo


Christopher Hardy & Shoko Araya Percussion Duo Chris & Shoko Percussion Duo is a Tokyo-based international percussion duo that is widely recognized for its musical achievements and captivating audiences with its exciting and creative performances of percussion music. Christopher Hardy and Shoko Araya, brought together at The University of Michigan, formed their percussion duo in 1989. Their work has led them on concert tours throughout The United States, Great Britain, Asia and Japan. They have been featured performers at The Edinburgh Music Festival, Lincoln Center and at major music festivals in Japan. Together, Chris & Shoko have produced and performed numerous percussion scores for theater and dance including the music for events commemorating “The 1200th Year of Kyoto’s Founding” and “America & Japan, 50 Years of Peace Since the End of W.W. II”, both command performances for the Emperor and Empress of Japan. In addition to their active individual careers, they have also composed and performed stage adaptations of Yukio Mishima’s “Dojoji” (funded by the Japanese Ministry of Culture) and So Kitamura’s “Kaguya Hime” and “Otogi Zoshi”. Chris & Shoko can be heard on the Victor, JVC, Columbia, Denon, Polydor, EMI, Equilibrium and Sony labels.

Christopher Hardy, an American based in Tokyo since 1989, is a highly praised percussionist, composer, educator and recording artist. Hardy has a background in Western percussion from the University of Michigan and is a hand drum specialist whose primary focus is on Middle Eastern and North African percussion. He also performs and records in Renaissance, jazz, world music and other creative musical settings, and has synthesized this variety of influences to create a unique and individual voice. His solo CD Touch, released under the Victor label, was voted “Best Popular Album of 2002” in Japan and has been released on DVD as well. In addition to leading his modern world music group, Tatopani, Hardy has performed or recorded with artists such as Hamza El Din, John Neptune, Kazumi Watanabe, Yosuke Yamashita, Hidetaro Honjo, Eitetsu Hayashi, Kim Duk-Soo, Hideo Kanze (Noh performer), Onoe Shoroku (Kabuki), Shuntaro Tanikawa (poet), and has worked with composers Lou Harrison, Elliot Carter, Kaoru Wada, Ohiro Minato and George Crumb. Hardy has studied percussion with Michael Udow, jazz vibraphone with Ted Piltzecker and Arabic music with Hamza El Din. In addition to being on the percussion faculty at the Senzoku College of Music in Tokyo, he also presents lectures, master classes, workshops and school concerts.

Shoko Araya born in Japan, Shoko Araya is a highly acclaimed marimba artist, percussion performer, composer and educator. Upon graduation from The Kunitachi College of Music, she received the Takeoka Prize and was also awarded the 2nd prize in the Japan Wind and Percussion Concours. Selected for a scholarship through the Asian Culture Council for further study in The United States, Araya then went on to receive a Masters Degree in Percussion from The University of Michigan. She performs extensively on an international level and is not only an outstanding classical performer but also a naturally gifted improviser. Araya has performed with such legendary artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, The Chieftains, Eitetsu Hayashi, X Japan, John Neptune, Masataka Hirano, Mickey Yoshino, Kazumi Watanabe, Shuichi Hidano and Spitz. She has been featured as a marimba soloist at the Patras International Festival in Greece and the Taipei International Percussion Convention in Taiwan. Her teachers include Tomoyuki Okada, Michael Udow and Yoshihisa Mizuno. In addition to being on the percussion faculty at The Kunitachi College of Music and Showa Conservatory of Music, Araya is a highly regarded consultant and composer for music school texts published by Ongaku No Tomo.






ミシガン・パーカッション・アンサンブルのメンバーとして活動後、デュオを結成。1989年デビュー以来、国内外で活躍。定期的なリサイタルでは自作自演 を含めた幅広いレパートリーと独自の手法による組み替えで構成、ステージでの視覚的な演出にも定評がある。主なものとして政府主催による式典の音楽担当 や、びわ湖ホールプロデュースによる北村想演出「輝夜姫」の音楽制作、東京文化会館主催レクチャーコンサート「打楽器というメディア」の構成と演奏、最近 ではドキュメンタリー映画「トントンギコギコ図工の時間」での演奏、また太鼓奏者、林英哲との共演で2004年より3年に及ぶ全国ツアー「レオナールわれに羽賜べ」に参加。また三味線、本條秀太郎との本條会国立劇場公演のゲストとして迎えられるなど、近年の活動に多くの展開を見せている。2006年には セカンド・アルバム「パ・ザ・パ」をリリースし、各紙で高く評価されている。

■クリストファー・ハーディ(Christopher Hardy

アメリカ、ミネアポリス出身。ミシガン大学卒業。1989年より日本に在住。伝統的な打楽器の演奏技術を基盤に、ルネサンス音楽からジャズ、現代、ワールドミュージックのアプローチに通ずるハンドドラムのスペシャリストとして活躍する。1989年から活動を続ける新谷祥子とのユニット「Chris & Shoko Percussion Duo」は世界に類を見ない新時代のパーカッション音楽のクリエイターとして多くの支持を得ている。


■新谷祥子 (あらやしょうこ)




無観客生配信ライブ 仲井戸"CHABO"麗市×新谷祥子 Duet [2022年 Duet LIVE 音始め]

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Christopher Hardy : http://www.christopherhardymusic.com

Shoko Araya : http://www.shokoaraya.com/